Detachment 3 builds tools for the performing modular musician. We started in 2005 as the engineering muscle behind STG Soundlabs, designing synthesizer modules for MU and EU systems. Through this partnership we developed the Archangel Sequencer in 2009, which is our flagship product.


Our team is centered around the diatonic duo of Joe Grisso and Suit & Tie Guy, who are responsible for all product design, development and deployment. Joe has over 20 years of audio engineering experience working with companies like Digitech, E-Mu Systems, and PreSonus. The ever-bespoke Suit & Tie Guy has an even more colorful history, being one of the new pioneers of analog modular synthesis at STG Soundlabs. These guys are backed up by Jen Hedegaard, our resident productionatrix and grammar czar. She keeps things running on time, and on budget.