Analog, Meet Musical

Designed for rapid composition and live performance, Archangel is a 4-row 16-step analog CV sequencer with integrated expressive touchplate controller, note quantizer, sequential switch and flexible synchronization system. With the ability to slave to as well as drive both MIDI and DIN sync, Archangel acts as the hub of your musical setup.

Steps of Fury

The sequencer can be set from 1 to 16 steps, has 5 direction modes, and three integrated sequential switches. There are two 2:1 switches that merge the top and bottom two pairs of rows, and one 4:1 sequential switch that merges all 4 rows. Altering the step size and number of steps per row does not take effect until the start of the next pattern. When paired with the touchplate keyboard, the sequencer can be played like an instrument either continuously looping or in one-shot mode.

Old-School Connections

Archangel works well with vintage sequencing systems as well by including control inputs and outputs that allow interfacing to more traditional modular sequencing systems: stage advance, reset, clock and stage one pulse outputs to patch into external modules or vintage sequencers.

Made To Be Played

The touchplate keyboard has a gate/CV output for the 16 keys, which can output 16 different scales. The keyboard also has a pressure and vertical position output, which allow for even more dynamic control of your music. All CV outputs are 0-5V, and the sequencer outputs can be quantized to either chromatic output or the same scale the keyboard is set to.



Archangel can be a sync master while sending MIDI and DIN sync out, and will slave to both formats as well. Transport can be controlled via the front panel, the STAGE ONE input, the touch keyboard in keyboard address mode and external sync when slaved. Archangel also acts as a protocol converter, sending both MIDI and DIN sync out when acting as a slave to an external source.


There are nine sequencer outputs: One for each row (A through D), a STAGE ONE trigger output and a CLOCK output which runs at the same rate of the stages. The other three outputs are for the sequential switch.



There are three sequential switches that multiplex the 4 rows of Archangel. Two 2:1 switches multiplex rows AB and CD, and appear on the AB and CD outputs. A single 4:1 switch multiplexes all 4 rows and appears at the ABCD output. The switches are automatically advanced each time the sequencer wraps back to the first stage, or when a trigger is applied to the ROW SHIFT external input.


Stage length can be adjusted from 1/32nd note to two bars, including several triplet and dotted lengths. Sequence length can be adjusted from 1 to 16 stages, and can be programmed to stop or continuously loop when reaching the end of the sequence.

There are 5 stage directions, these are forward, reverse, alt one, alt two, and random. Alt one and alt two are pendulum modes, with alt one doubling the first and last stage in the sequence.




There are two modifiers for the sequencer: voltage and keyboard. The voltage modifier disengages the internal transport to the sequencer and instead selects the current stage from a 0-5V external CV on the ADDRESS input. This allows Archangel to not only act as a CV-controlled sequencer, but also as a step-based waveshaper and oscillator. The keyboard modifier enables keyboard control of the sequences, in which the start stage of the sequence is controlled by the touchplate keyboard. This allows the user to create multi-pattern sequences on the grid and toggle between them in a performance. When combined with the stop at end loop mode, the touchplate keyboard will also start the transport when a key is pressed.



There are 16 touchplates that are a generous 19mm wide by 40mm high (0.75" x 1.75"), large enough for the most demanding digits. They use a unique digital capacitive sensing mechanism which overcomes the limitations of previous touchplate technologies. Each plate also responds to pressure and vertical position.




The touchplate keyboard outputs CV in one of sixteen different scales, which include the traditional 7 modes, harmonic minor, melodic minor, double harmonic, octatonic, pentatonic, whole tone, chromatic, minor third and major third. The modes are arranged so that each scale is only one degree different from the adjacent scales, which encourages experimentation during a performance. Melodic minor is implemented correctly, unlike other scaling systems in that the scale intervals are different depending on whether you are ascending or descending through the scale.


The output section for the keyboard includes a key GATE, PITCH output, and both PRESSURE and POSITION outputs. The POSITION output latches the position after being touched, and PRESSURE will return to zero after being touched.



Each CV output can be a continuous 0-5V, or operate over a two-octave scale range thanks to Archangel's built in quantizer. The quantizer can follow either a chromatic scale, or the scale that the touchplate keyboard is set to. There are two additional modifiers for the quantizer: quant shift and key transpose. When these modes are enabled, the touchplate keyboard will shift the quantized scale accordingly. Key transpose mode works exactly as advertised: It transposes the key of the sequence currently playing. Quant shift is more interesting, in that the sequence gets shifted within the scale.



Step Note Lengths:
32nd, 16th, 16th triplets, dotted 16th, 8th, 8th triplets, dotted 8th, quarter, quarter triplets, dotted quarter, half, half triplets, dotted half, whole, dotted whole, 2 bar
BPM Range:
5 to 350, when driven by internal or external sync


Pitch Resolution:
Pitch Accuracy:
+/- 5 cents
Pressure Resolution:
256 Steps (8-bit)
Position Resolution:
1024 Steps (10-bit)


Rear Inputs:
DC Power, SYNC24 In, MIDI In
Rear Outputs:
SYNC24 Out, MIDI Out, Uplink Port Out
Front Inputs:
Sequencer Advance, Stage One, Direction Toggle, Row Shift, Address CV
Front Outputs:
Row A-D CV; Sequential Switch AB, CD and ABCD CV; Sequencer Stage One and Clock; Touchplate Keyboard Gate, Pitch, Pressure and Position
Jack Formats:
Either 3.5mm or 1/4" Phono Jacks
Gate Input:
10V Max
CV Input Range:
Gate Output Voltage:
CV Output Voltage:
Power Supply:
External 9VDC @ 1A
482.6mm X 263.9mm X 63.5mm / 19in X 10.388in X 2.5in (WxHxD)
3.18kg / 7lbs

Specifications are subject to change without notice.